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Telkomsel diserang hacker baperan, kira kira apa ya isi curhatannya? April 28, 2017

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otewe7.com – Jumat 28 april 2017 mendadak ramai dengan pemberitaan soal website resmi Telkomsel yang berbeda dari biasanya. Tampilan beranda situs ini, www.telkomsel.com, ternyata telah di deface oleh peretas.

Dalam laman tersebut, sang hacker memprotes tarif paket data Telkomsel yang dianggapnya terlalu mahal. Curhatannya pun berisi kata-kata kasar yang mengeluhkan soal itu.

telkomsel di hack

“Pegimane bangsa Endonesia mau maju kalo internet aja mahal,” salah satu celotehannya.

Dalam isi pesannya tersebut, sang peretas meminta agar pembatasan kuota untuk 2G/3G/4G dihapus. Demikian juga dengan paket bundling layanan internet seperti HOOQ dan Viu untuk hiburan.

Sampai saat ini, situs TelkomseI sama sekali tak bisa diakses. Akan tetapi, jika kita memasukan kata “Telkomsel” di laman pencarian Google, hasil pencarian masih menampilkan pesan dari sang ‘hekel’.

Secara, kejadian ini langsung membuat trending topic di semua sosmed. Netizenpun langsung menanggapi keluhan sang peretas dengan komentar beragam, ada yang terkesan membela maupun menyindir.

telkomsel kena hack

“hahahah sotus te|komsel di hack yg kurang uang ????????????,” kata akun @chiro_muchtar.

“Whoever hack @telkomsel is awesome. @Telkomsel is the best operator but you changed ur data plan too frequently and be an ass”, ujar Surya Oetomo Susanto‏

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“Sekelas telkomnyet, eh telkomsel di hack … sebagai netizen, w miris …,” kata akun @TeukuRyan.

Jadi, siapakah dibalik peretasan situs jaringan terbesar di Indonesia saat ini? hmmmm tunggu saja bagaimana polisi mengungkapnya. Akankah terungkap dan menjadi artis dadakan? atau tetap tak terendus sebagai anonymous

Live videos : Anti-Trump protests happening across America November 11, 2016

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Are you still in shock after the election of Donald Trump as president of America? LGBTQ Americans joined protests in cities across the country yesterday. In the big city such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Nashville, Austin and several other cities, millions of people are taking to the streets and blocked highways and bridges.

anti-trump america demo

In downtown Los Angeles, Anti-Trump Protestors burned a giant Trump puppet. Meanwhile, in Oakland police used tear gas and flash grenades to disperse crowds. Police said to NBC News that more than 60 people were arrested in New York on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Demonstrators burn a puppet of Donald Trump outside Los Angeles City Hall. Thousands of people In New York took place in various locations across the city. At Union Square, 48-year-old Marcy Langstein told NBC OUT that she had “ranged from hopelessness to rage all day” and was frightened certain hard-fought rights would be gone under a new president, Trump.

“I have heard a lot of people say today that you can’t cancel what’s been done, but the truth is one court case can undo things—not just for gay rights but for women’s rights, reproductive rights,” Langstein told, as the rain started to trickle onto the rally. “I’ve never been this terrified.”

Other LGBTQ people sounded Langstein’s sentiments. Many waved rainbow flags as they walked uptown toward Trump Tower. Others held signs with mottoes like “P*ssy grabs back” and “Love trumps hate”.

Outside Trump Tower, LGBTQ people followed protesters in the middle of Fifth Avenue to chant “Not my president.” Jordan Evangelista, told NBC OUT “the LGBT community needs to make our voices listened over the next four years.”

“This demonstration is great because it really symbolizes the unity of the people who are going to create a backlash against Trump,” Evangelista said. “He needs to know that we’re coming for him, and we’re going to fight back.”

iPhone 7 bring new features : wirelles earbud September 7, 2016

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Today Apple is scheduled to introduce the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But it seems that not only the new iPhone will be revealed. The latest reports indicate in the same event, Apple will announce a high-end wireless new earbud.

otewe7 apple iPhone 7 earpod apple

Apple plans to release a series of wireless earbuds called AirPods, considering Apple will reportedly eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. (more…)

Let’s talking about Upgrade Honda Brio September 5, 2016

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Some of type Honda Brio has limit features, it related with that price. Here is the tips could be the inspiration to make a pet look more modern Brio

honda brio rs

If you’re the owners of Honda Brio especially 2012-2015, could be the first generation owner of this envy with its latest variant, which is its own more complete.  Precisely so as not to lose force by early 2016 facelift version, because now a lot of upgrade options OEM-style, with the disposable parts congenital brother of one brand.


Suzuki winning MotoGP after Maverick Vinales finished up 1st September 4, 2016

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Spain rider, Maverick Vinales dominated the greatest class, MotoGP and take 1st position, Britain’s Cal Crutchlow finished second in a dramatic British MotoGP at Silverstone, and Rossi 3rd

vinales, rossi, marquez motogp british

One of Ducati’s rider, Andrea Iannone was crashed on five laps before race over.

Earlier, the race was red-flagged and restarted after Loris Baz and Pol Espargaro got an accident. Both of them is fine, nothing serious injury.


Toyota Mirai FCV in Review September 4, 2016

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Toyota Astra Motor ( TAM ) will exhibit three concept cars at Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show ( GIIAS ) 2016 include Toyota CHR, FCV Plus and Mirai. The concept car Toyota CHR and Toyota FCV Plus is guaranteed to be a new thing for visitors to the exhibition GIIAS 2016. While Toyota Mirai who’ve shown in the past year will be exhibited different because hydrogen fuel cell car that is approaching production specifications. It will be great!

mirai toyota (more…)

Corsair Polaris MM800 RGB ‘light-up’ Mousepad Review! September 3, 2016

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Corsair has just released the new MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad, and do you know how much prize is it? Corsair released this stuff about $60. As we know, Razer announced it was putting out an RGB mousepad last year.

Corsair’s also releasing a new version of its ( CUE ) Corsair Utility Engine software besides RGB devices, and I think it looks quite a bit simpler to use than the previous iteration.

corsair (more…)

Trump? Where are you? People in Florida are in desperate because Hurricane Hermine September 2, 2016

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Hurricane Hermine which formed in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic reportedly came over to the State of Florida, United States. Wind mixed with heavy rain finally soaking the US state after 10 years ‘absence’ of a hurricane. Earlier, Hurricane Wilma approached the sun-rich region in 2005.


The storm causes the surface of the water on the east coast that rises up to 12 feet by the rain which is predicted to reach 10 inches. It can make the area flooded, including the capital city of Tallahassee is absent from flooding since Hurricane Kate in 1985.



Watch This SpaceX Rocket videos Explosion Which Has Destroyed Facebook’s First $200m Satellite September 2, 2016

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facebook mark zuckerberg

As we know that newest reports, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket just exploded during a test at launch pad, Cape Canaveral. The explosion this morning is a major setback to Facebook’s plan for expanding Internet access in Africa Tim Farrar, president of TMF Associates Inc, said that would have reached a few hundred thousand people in sub-Saharan Africa. Meanwhile, Facebook said it would have reached more than a dozen countries.

That satellite is a joint venture between French satellite operator Eutelsat Communications and Facebook, it was (more…)

Video Marc Marquez saat promosi Red Bull Ring Austria November 17, 2015

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OTEWE7.COM | Oto – Marc Marquez merupakan satu satunya rider yang dipercaya untuk mempromosikan sirkuit Red Bull Ring, Austria yang menjadi markas sponsor ternama minuman Red Bull energy drink. Berdasarkan kalender MotoGP tahun depan, sirkuit ini akan digelar pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2016 menggantikan Indiana polis.

red bull ring, moto gp, austria 2016, tukangjemur, otewe7.com